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Hot Topics is where you can discuss hot and controversial topics of the day. Or you can add your questions about society, politics, health and eduction. Below are the main questions of the day. You can thumd up or thumb down a question and put your comment about it by giving your point of view. Also there are some interesting resources you might be interested in.

Hot Topics
  1. Should the death penalty be outlawed?
  2. Should people be allowed to own guns?
  3. Should marijuana be legal?
  4. Should animal testing be allowed?
  5. Should stem cell research be allowed?
  6. Should gay marriage be legal?
  7. Is the cost of college education too high?
  8. Should all forms of abortion be allowed?
  9. Are athletes and sports players overpaid?
  10. Is torture ever acceptable?
  11. Can computers be smarter than humans?
  12. Should college athletes be paid?
  13. Should women be allowed in combat?
  14. Does watching TV make you smarter?
Brain Stimulation
  1. Brain Teasers
  2. Smartest Person in the World
  3. Highest IQ in the World
  4. Most Beautiful Woman in the World
  5. Advanced IQ Test
  6. Audiobooks Library
  7. Testing Website
  8. Learn Languages
  9. Language Lessons
  10. Form Maker
  11. Amazing Facts

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